Have an Idea? Submit Your Invention for Consideration.

We welcome your interest in our Company and encourage you to submit an idea for consideration by our highly qualified team of experts.

We are working with several inventors that are unsure of how to develop and launch a new product. With our experience and dedicated team, bringing a new product idea to market is possible. For us to consider your ideas and inventions, you must sign and return a copy of our “Terms and Conditions for New Ideas” agreement. This agreement is available by downloading it here or by contacting our Customer Service team at 866.709.0523.

Please return a signed copy of our “Terms and Conditions for New Ideas” document along with a detailed description of your invention including any necessary information such as formulas, drawings or videos to the following address:

Attn: R&D
QC Sciences
4355 Innslake Dr.
Richmond, VA 23060

Upon evaluation and acceptance by our team, we will contact you to discuss next steps.

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